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Hand to Hold is a wonderful Austin-based non-profit providing support for parents of premature babies.  You can visit their website by clicking this link .  Be sure and check out their wealth of articles and information under the 'Resources' tab on the Hand to Hold site.

 hand to hold 

  Do You Have a Clu?

One of the best things about working with Legacy of Hope is the amazing people I get to meet.

 Like Marty Barnes.

 Marty is the proud mama of a little girl with special needs and Marty works tirelessly to bring valuable information and resources to fellow parents. She has started a fantastic campaign this year, something I would love to ultimately see go national.

 It's called Clu. From the word 'Inclusion'. You know, to 'include' people.

 So check this out~~there are lots of kiddos out there for whom Halloween is not much fun. Because of dietary allergies, feeding tubes or other needs, these kids can't partake of the usual sugary Halloween fare. If they go trick-or-treating and get sacks full of candy, they've got to leave all those treats alone. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? So Marty came up with this incredible idea to ask folks to have non-edible goodies for these kids. She's launching the program here in Central Texas in the Austin area. Participants simply print out the 'Clu' sign for their front doors and they can also register their address on the website so that families with kids on restricted diets can find some Halloween fun! While the registry is only available to the ATX are this year, I just know this thing is going to grow. So please,  make an extra pitstop to HEB and pick up some non-edible goodies and put the Clu sign up on your door. Click here to go to the website. And even if you're not in the area, please give the Clu Campaign a 'Like' on their Facebook page, won't you?

 What a great idea, Mizz Marty. And hey? Let's all get a 'Clu'!



Preemie Power!

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